• Prepping for the Mobility Challenged

    “Mobility challenged” does not mean helpless. Just because you have mobility issues does not mean you cannot survive an emergency situation. You just have to make special previsions when prepping.

    Exit Strategy

    You need to have an exit strategy to get out of your home. That means you need to make sure you will have a path in place, even if there is an earthquake or some other disaster that causes furniture to move. Secure everything so you can easily get out of the home.

    Extra Supplies

    Extra batteries and supplies for your mobility devices are a must. Store them in your bug out bag so you won’t run out of supplies when you are on the road.

    Get Help If Needed

    Don’t be afraid to include others in your plan. A little help can go a long way in an emergency situation.

    Take control of your situation so you can make it through an emergency. The right plan will get you through each and every time.