• pet microchip

    If you have a pet, you will have to leave him at a boarding facility or take him with you during an emergency situation. Due to the nature of emergencies, there is a chance he will get separated from you or from the facility. If that happens, you can still be reunited with him, as long as he is microchipped.

    If you microchip your pet and someone finds him, the person can take him to the vet. Once there, the vet can scan your pet. Your information will come through in the scan. Then you can be reunited  with your furry friend.

    Microchipping is an inexpensive and simple process, and something you should absolutely look into. That way you will get reunited with your pet, even if his colllar comes off.

    Check with your vet to find out more about microchipping. Then, get it done before the next disaster strikes.