• Apr
    Protect Your Home

    Most preppers stay up at night worrying about dealing with a home invasion during a crisis. You can take some of the stress off your shoulders by learning some steps to protect your house and your family.

    Add Barriers in the Home

    Simply having a solid front door is not enough. Put solid doors with locks for the bedrooms as well. That way, if someone gets into the home, he will have to also get through a second.

    Control the Light

    If someone breaks into your home, you need to be able to see the person to protect yourself. Put a light switch in your house that turns on lights in other areas of the house. That way, you can blow the intruder’s cover and have the upper hand.

    Get a Dog

    Dogs are better than alarms when it comes to alerting you to trouble. Get a dog so you will know the second someone tries to break into your home.

    It is up to you to protect your home and family in a crisis. Follow these tips and you will do just that.