• Tips for Traveling During a Disaster

    In most cases, you will want to stay home or at your planned evacuation place during a disaster. Something might happen that pulls you away from you safe place, though. If that occurs, you need to follow a safe travel plan.

    First, only travel during the day. If you travel during the day, you won’t be as vulnerable as you would be in the dark.

    You should also bring someone along with you. You never know if your car will break down, and if it does, you do not want to be out there on your own.

    As you drive, be sure to stay on the main roads. The side and back roads might have downed trees and debris. They also might be filled with criminals, so you will put yourself at risk if you travel on them.

    Follow these tips if you have to get in your car during a disaster. Then, you can return back home safely.