• Feb
    survival binder

    We would all like to think that we will remember everything we need to know in an emergency situation. While we will certainly remember a lot, there are things we might forget. With that in mind, it is a good idea to build a survival guide. This guide should contain everything you need for survival and should go in your bug out bag.

    What’s In a Guide?

    You can include first aid informant, information on how to purify water, and info on growing vegetables. You can also have information on building shelter. These are just a few ideas. If it is something you need to survive out there in the world, you should include it.

    How Should You Make It?

    You have two options for making your guide. First, you can create a paper guide. If you do that, put it in a binder. You can also create a guide on a tablet. If you do that, be sure to include a solar charger.

    Whichever you choose, create your guide so you will be safe out there.